Alterdice Lists TakeOff (TKO)

Alterdice Lists TakeOff (TKO) 

Dear Alterdice Users,

We are pleased to announce that TakeOff (TKO) is now listed on Alterdice.

TakeOff Projects aim to provide innovative tools for investors and support brilliant ideas of newcomers in the tech world. It is comprised of TakeOff News Search, TakeOff Centre and TakeOff Exchange.

TakeOff Projects provide investors with useful tools like TakeOff News Search to connect investors and startups in TakeOff Centre and provide a place for trading tokens issued by startups on TakeOff Exchange.

TKO token can be implemented as a utility token for service fees provided by startups supported by TakeOff Centre via TakeOff Exchange Payment. TKO is the main asset in the TakeOff’s startup ecosystem. The more startups “takeoff” from TakeOff Centre, the more value TKO gets.

Start trading TKO now with BTC, ETH and USD pairs available!

Published 26 Feb 2019