ALTERDICE - the best trading solution

ALTERDICE - the best trading solution

Dear friends!

Alterdice platform is the best choice for trading in a convenient and safe environment. We use the most effective tools in combination with the latest developments to create the ideal conditions for profitable cryptocurrency trading. 

The platform favorably differs from existing analogs by a flexible infrastructure formed by a system of microservices connected via a socket through the MQ program message broker (Rabbit MQ). 

Another advantage of the platform is a high performance of components in the system, which is achieved through the use of the most modern technologies.

We are constantly improving and providing our customers with the best trading opportunities. In the near future, we will expand the cryptocurrency pool by adding new pairs, PAMM accounts, and margin trading. An extended API will be implemented and a wallet for cold storage of digital assets will also be presented.

Follow the updates to know about the latest changes!

Published 23 Jan 2019