Architecture of ALTERDICE trading mechanism

Architecture of ALTERDICE trading mechanism 

Dear friends!

An effective work of the platform for cryptocurrency trading requires a precise setting of the trading mechanism that provides the implementation of all operations in the system, including the selection of appropriate orders, transaction performance, making deposits and withdrawals.

In the technical content of Alterdice platform we used the Node.js software platform to develop desktop functionality. This allowed us to connect external libraries written in different programming languages through our API.

We also used PHP script language for rendering views and APIs in the web version and Engine Machine for working with data of any type and size in creating a mobile application.

CouchBase open-source system for database management allows to store information in the cloud and provides the flexibility of scaling and platform performance in desktop and mobile versions.

Further, we will tell about other technical possibilities of the exchange. Stay tuned and follow the news!

Published 23 Jan 2019