First IEO success on ALTERDICE

Dear Alterdice community,

We are glad to announce that our First IEO Round for XR WEB project is successfully closed!!!

All 1,500,000 XR tokens valued at USD 112,500 total have been sold and already distributed to all the participants by the system.
The total number of 173 users (out of 1000 possible) took part in Alterdice first ever IEO round.

We sincerely congratulate XR WEB project @gofindxr and all the participants with such a tremendous success!

To all those users that missed the opportunity to participate in the first IEO Round - don't worry, we will start the new IEO round soon!
Can't wait to participate? Subscribe to our channels and wait for the the announcements!

Telegram Channel

Once again, congratulations to all the users that took part in our first ever IEO campaign!
Thank you for your support!

Published 15 Jul 2019