Main trends of cryptocurrency trading in 2019

Main trends of cryptocurrency trading in 2019

Since the beginning of 2018, the capitalization of the cryptocurrency market has lost an enormous amount of $ 650 billion and today it barely exceeds $ 130 billion. The price of cryptocurrencies lowered significantly, Bitcoin - the leader of the market - has lost over 80% in its price.

Meanwhile, traders consider the volatility as a normal market recurrence when bull and bear trends alternate from time to time under the influence of external and internal factors, and optimism still prevails in the crypto community for the further development of the industry.

According to the Sanford C. Bernstein & Co. consulting report, the cryptocurrency market is waiting for a double increase in the trading volume in 2019. It means that the number of crypto enthusiasts will increase and current investors will increase their trading activity.

Here are some of the main cryptocurrency trading trends in 2019.


Security focus

Cryptocurrency exchanges pay priority attention to the question of security. The ability to trade without risking to become a victim of hackers is crucial when choosing a trading platform.

Alterdice - one of the largest and the most technological platforms - offers own solutions for safe trading. The project successfully implements innovative developments in combination with proven security methods.

The exchange makes daily backups of databases with the further encryption of archived files and also implements 2FA for user accounts. The servers of the platform are reliably protected by the most modern systems. The website also uses the latest methods of DDOS attacks countering and most digital tools are stored in cold wallets.


Significant improvement and simplification of the trading functionality

Against the background of the increased interest of users in trading, exchanges tend to provide customers with the most efficient and simple functionality that is equally convenient for both newbies and experienced market participants.

The mission of Alterdice team is to create convenient and safe conditions for successful trading of the leading cryptocurrencies. The platform offers high liquidity of assets providing an average daily trading volume of $ 1.377 million. It allows exchanging one digital coin for another as well as for world currencies easy and fast.

Alterdice clients can access various types of trading orders that will ensure the receipt of profit from transactions regardless of the current market trends, as well as market graphs necessary to make the right decision on the transaction. The exchange keeps the lowest trading fees in the market that don’t exceed 0,2% for all assets. You can deposit your balance for free and minimum withdrawal fees are automatically calculated by the system when you make a payment request.


Mobile trading without boundaries

Cryptocurrencies are becoming mainstream, while trading is becoming more prevalent and accessible. Making deals on Alterdice platform is equally convenient when using a web interface or a mobile application.

You can start trading in several minutes - right after registering an account, a user gets access to the full functionality of the exchange including managing orders and positions, making transfers between wallets, controlling account movements, customizing the interface, and receiving transaction notifications in real time.

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Published 18 Jan 2019