Safety, low fees, mobile access - where to start trading in the New year

Safety, low fees, mobile access - where to start trading in the New Year

Experts and analytics unanimously named trading one of the main cryptocurrency trends in 2019. The interest of users in trading significantly increased and cryptocurrency exchanges have improved their functionality - it allows specialists to predict a double increase in the volume of trade transactions in cryptocurrencies within the next 12 months. Experienced traders are looking forward to great opportunities for getting the profit and newcomers will have to decide on the exchange for a successful start.

Alterdice cryptocurrency exchange is one of the options. Its head office is located in Singapore. According to, the daily trading volume of the platform reaches $1,377 million. Alterdice clients make transactions in Bitcoin and main altcoins in the amount of $35,46 million monthly.

The mission of the platform is to create the most convenient and safe conditions for successful trading of the leading digital coins. Developers are sure that cryptocurrency trading has great potential and it can significantly increase the effectiveness of economic processes around the world. Alterdice pays great attention to ensuring the protection of user funds and the continuous improvement of the customer service quality. Traders of any level get a wide range of the most up-to-date tools for making profitable transactions in a simple, functional and safe environment.


Alterdice platform features

Alterdice trading platform provides high liquidity of main cryptocurrencies which allows exchanging one coin for another as well as for traditional currencies fast and easy. The use of various types of trade orders generates profits from transactions regardless of current market trends. Thanks to the possibility of analyzing charts on the exchange, the trader can make the right decision on the transaction.

By constantly improving and widening trading opportunities, Alterdice platform keeps the lowest transaction fees in the market that do not exceed 0,2%. The exchange does not charge any fees for making deposits and sets the minimum commission on the withdrawal the amount of which is calculated by the system automatically when making a payment request.


High technologies on guard of safety

High security level when working with the platform is ensured by an effective combination of innovative technologies and proven security systems. The platform makes daily backups of databases with further archiving of the encrypted information and also implements 2FA mechanism for users’ accounts. Besides, the exchange implements methods of DDOS attacks counteraction and server protection. Most digital assets are stored on cold wallets which provide maximum safety of the funds.


Boundaryless trading with Alterdice platform

Making transactions on Alterdice platform is equally convenient using the web version or mobile app.

You can start trading in a couple of minutes by passing a simple registration process in the format you choose. Right after the account verification, a trader gets access to all exchange operations including transactions, orders and positions management, transfers between wallets, control of account status, protected API access, transaction notifications in real time, individual interface settings.

Detailed information about the platform is available on the official website and social networks.

The new year is a great opportunity to start trading in the most favorable conditions. Take advantage of the largest and one of the most advanced cryptocurrency platforms for an easy and successful start!


Published 18 Jan 2019