Technical features of ALTERDICE platform

Technical features of ALTERDICE platform


Today we are going to tell you about the technical characteristics of Alterdice platform that allow us to create one of the best products in the market for safe and convenient cryptocurrency trading. 

The architecture of the exchange software is built on the interaction of the following key elements:

· trading mechanism that constitutes the functional core of the platform and ensures selection of correspondences to the orders for purchase or sale in the book of orders, transaction performance, calculation of fees and balances on transactions;
· user interface – an adaptive front-end that was developed using the progressive framework Vui.js for comfortable trading in web format or through a mobile application;
· a balanced system of hot/cold storage of the assets providing a high level of security and maximum ease of asset management;
· administrative panel for effective management of the platform’s functionality.

The entire system of the platform is written in the form of individual microservices which blocks are connected to the socket via the MQ message broker (Rabbit MQ).

In the next posts, we will introduce the benefits of each feature of the system.

Stay tuned and follow the updates!

Published 23 Jan 2019