This User Agreement (hereinafter Agreement) defines the conditions for the usage of sections of the website (the "Site") and access to the trading platform (the "Platform").
We earnestly ask you to read these Terms and do not use the Site or the Platform in case you do not accept them.
The platform managed by Alterdice (the “Service”), enables buyers (“Buyer”) and sellers (“Seller”), generally referred to as “Customer”, to buy and sell digital assets, called “Cryptocurrency”, on-line.
Opening the account (“Account”), the Client acknowledges and guarantees that:
1. He aware of terms and conditions of the Agreement and accept them.
2. His age is at least 18 years old and he is legally empowered to accept these Terms and enter into the transactions on the platform.
3. He confirms that he is not a citizen or a resident of the following countries: the United States of America, North Korea, Cuba, Iraq, Iran, Pakistan, Sudan, Syria, the Government of Venezuela or Crimean region.
4. He is aware that our platform does not allow users to trade by arbitrage strategies.
The Service reserves the right to change, add or remove parts of these Terms at any time.
It is recommended to periodically review this User Agreement in order to be aware of its changes. If, after incorporated changes, you continue to use the Services, it means that you accept and agree to the changes. And thus, accept the User Agreement as amended. As long as you agree to the terms of the User Agreement, the Service will grant you a personal and non-transferable limited right to enter and use the Site and the Platform.
By agreeing to these Terms and possible changes, you empower the Service to act as an intermediary between Sellers and Buyers to trade on the platform in accordance with the following paragraphs and to perform the functions described below.


Platform - is a technical, functional and organizational structure, managed by the Service so that sellers and buyers can enter into Cryptocurrency sales transactions.
Cryptocurrency - is a type of digital currency, the creation, and control of which is based on cryptographic methods.
Algorithms such as Proof-of-work and / or Proof-of-stake are used. The functioning of such systems is decentralized in distributed computer networks.
Seller - the person placing the offer to sell Cryptocurrency on the platform.
Buyer - the person placing the offer to purchase Cryptocurrency on the platform.
The Client - is a buyer or seller, or any other account holder.
Transaction - a bilateral agreement between the Buyer and the Seller for the exchange of Cryptocurrency using the Platform.
Price - is the cost in nominal dollars for which the Client is ready to buy and sell Cryptocurrency using the Platform.
Commission - the amount that is charged to the user account for the operations of the Service.


The Client is personally liable for the safety of account information from third parties, including the password and PIN code, for all actions and operations carried out with his account. The Client shall immediately notify the Service about any cases of suspicion or unauthorized use of his account or password. Using the recommendations of the Service will ensure maximum security of the information provided to the Service.
The Client has no right to use any other account except his own. The Client has no right to attempt to illegally gain access to the Site, and any attempt to do this or assistance to third parties in doing this will lead to termination of customer service and loss of all funds in his account. In such situation, the service reserves the right to take any other actions towards the Client.
In addition, the Client shall personally abide all legal requirements related to anti-money laundering and the financing of acts of terrorism. When registering an account, the Client agrees to provide the Service with true and up-to-date information about himself, which is requested by the Site when registering an account and constantly update such information.
The Client can have only one account and cannot use or create any account under the other name except of his own. When multiple accounts of one and the same Client are detected, such accounts are blocked by the Service without warning.
If the above rules are violated, the Service reserves the right to refuse the providing of services to the Client without paying balances of accounts.

Complaints related to any financial transactions are accepted within 30 calendar days from the date of the financial transaction. After this period, no complaints will be accepted. provides information about transactions only for the last 30 days. Older information is automatically deleted to reduce server load.
The Client agrees that in order to ensure the security of Client accounts and the monitoring of fraudulent activity on the platform, the Service has the right, by default, to use the tools of internal control and programs for its implementation, to collect and store any information regarding Clients and their transactions, including personal information about the Clients provided by them during the registration of the account, or requested by the Service during the execution of transactions,  and indirect information, including IP addresses, information about the operating system being in use, software configuration, and other information gathered by the use of «cookies» technology.
The Service reserves the right to demand identification information from the Client, depending on the amounts placed on the accounts or when detecting suspicious activity, which may signify illegal actions.
The Client understands and agrees that if it is reasonable for the Service to suppose that money laundering or any other illegal activity is carried out through the Client’s account, the Service has the right to suspend your account and also require the Client to provide additional information and necessary documents for fact-finding.
The Client's account, including all his transactions, may be frozen until the Service considers the documents and accepts them as satisfying the requirements of the legislation on countering fraud and terrorist financing.
The Service has the right to request the Client to provide any additional information and the necessary documents, at the request of any competent authority or on the basis of any applicable legislation or regulation of any country, including legislation about controlling fraud and terrorist financing. If the Client refuses to provide the requested information, provides incomplete or incorrect information and documents, the Service has the right to unilaterally refuse the Client to provide services and maintain the account.
Accounts may be used exclusively for the purposes specified in these Terms. Accounts that have been active over a year ago since the last visit are blocked. To activate a blocked account, the Client needs to contact support. An account is considered to be inactive if its owner logged into his account more than a year ago. Accounts that remain inactive for 2 years are subject to deletion.


The Buyer may place Cryptocurrency purchase offers on the Platform, and the Seller may place Cryptocurrency sale offers. Cryptocurrency purchase and sale prices are set by the Client at its discretion.
The Client understands that the placed orders for the purchase or sale of Cryptocurrencies are considered to be ready for making a transaction with other Clients. As soon as the Seller and the Buyer agree to make a transaction, it is considered mandatory and cannot be withdrawn. After the automatic transaction, the Client loses the right to cancel the order about the Cryptocurrency purchase and sale transaction.
When conducting a transaction between the Buyer and the Seller, the Service has the exclusive right to conduct a transaction in the amount corresponding to the price specified in the transaction, less fees.
Replenishment of funds and withdrawals of funds performed with violation of the rules specified in the forms for depositing and withdrawing funds, including incorrect details, are considered lost and are not refundable.


The Client agrees that, when conducting transactions, he trades with other Clients, and also acknowledges that the Service acts only as an intermediary in such transactions, and not as a counterparty.
Thus, the Client undertakes to act in accordance with all laws and regulations relating to transactions.
For its part, the Service declares and guarantees that:
1. All possible measures will be used to facilitate and ensure the conduct of transactions between Clients.
2. All purchase and sales transactions made on the Platform will be conducted anonymously.
3. The transaction price will be calculated on the basis of the actual relevant orders made by the Clients together with the current commissions.
4. From the moment when certain orders for the purchase and sale of Cryptocurrencies coincided, these orders cannot be canceled.
5. All sums of money and all Cryptocurrencies deposited by the Client to his account will be stored by the Service on his behalf, according to the data specified in the profile.
6.All laws and regulations regarding the proposed Platform will be respected.
If the Client violates one or more of the above conditions, the Service has the right to deactivate his account and freeze all sums of money, and Cryptocurrency stored in it.
The platform is not intended to provide legal, tax, insurance or investment services. The history of orders and tenders is provided solely to ensure that the Users are aware of the purchases and sales made, and should not be considered as an investment recommendation from the Service. The client is personally responsible for the decisions about making a transaction.


When using the Platform, the Client is obliged to perform operations subject to the conditions prescribed in these Rules.
The Seller guarantees that the Cryptocurrency offered for sale corresponds to the actual Cryptocurrency types.
The Buyer guarantees that the currency for the purchase corresponds to his actual assets and are from legitimate sources.
The Client agrees not to use the Platform for money laundering, financing of terrorism or carrying out any illegal activity that could harm the operation of the Platform.
The Client undertakes to independently monitor the news of the Alterdice platform in order to be timely informed about all actions performed by the Service on the Platform.
The Client undertakes to notify the support service, stating the reason, if necessary, to have more than several thousand simultaneously open orders.
The Client permits the Service to delete opened orders that are completely out of the market (10-fold or more distance from the market price).
The Client confirms that when making a transaction, the Platform sends and receives sums of money, Cryptocurrency on behalf of the Buyer and on behalf of the Seller, through the IT systems used on the Platform at the time of the transaction.
The Platform is intended to trading and / or exchange of cryptocurrency. Direct transit of cryptocurrency or fiat money outside the platform is prohibited. In case of violation of this rule, the accounts of the Buyer and the Seller will be deactivated without payment of funds.
The Client guarantees non-disclosure of information obtained during communication with the Support Service. In case of violation of this rule, the account of the Client will be deactivated without payment of funds.
The Client undertakes to regularly review the news of the Service, published on the official accounts of the Service in social networks. The Client agrees that he is solely responsible for the loss of funds resulting from the failure to comply with the recommendations published on the Site.
The Client understands that it is possible to make any complaints to the Alterdice service in no other way than by filling the Support Service form. The Alterdice service will not respond and will not consider the issues and complaints of the Clients published on the forums and on social networks.


The Service has all rights of the intellectual property to all materials posted on the platform. The Client is not entitled to copy, distribute, reproduce, republish, upload, transmit, modify, publish or otherwise use the materials posted on the platform.



The Client confirms his rights of the owner to use the monetary amounts and cryptocurrencies in his account, and that the conducted operations do not violate the rights of any third parties or current legislation. The Client undertakes to pay restitution to the Service for all losses incurred by the Service because of violating the rights of third parties or for violating current legislation due to the fault of the Client.

The Service shall not be liable for any direct or indirect damages that occurred during the use of the site if the damage caused is not caused by a violation of these Terms by the Service.
The Service shall not be liable for malfunctions, breakdowns, delays or lack of access to the Internet, or if for any other reason the Site is not available for usage at any time or for any period.

The Site may contain links to third-party sites as information resources provided by third parties. The Service shall not be liable for the content and activities of such sites and for securing your confidentiality, therefore, strongly recommends you to read the privacy policies of each visited site.

This Privacy Policy applies only to the Alterdice website. Alterdice does not control and is not responsible for sites located on domains other than
In the case of committing illegal activities by third-party sites links to which the Site contains or the actions of the Clients, the Service will transfer to the relevant national authorities all the necessary information, including names, addresses, and other requested information. The client acknowledges that his account may be frozen at any time upon the request of any competent government authority.

The Service is not responsible for losses incurred as a result of failures in software (nodes, wallets) of third parties, software (nodes, wallets) provided by third parties, as well as in blockchains and as a result of any other technical features of cryptocurrencies traded on the exchange .

The Service also cannot be held responsible for funds lost in case if the Service was notified not on time or not notified at all by the developers or representatives of the cryptocurrency about any problems with this cryptocurrency, including all kinds of forks, technical problems with the node or any other problems potentially leading to losses. In this case, the Client may recover the lost funds in two possible ways.

The priority option of reimbursement is full cost recovery by the developers or representatives of the particular cryptocurrency. The secondary option of reimbursement is the debiting of funds from the balance sheets of Clients in accordance with the sum of their deposits in this particular cryptocurrency on the Service.

These Terms do not affect the legal rights of users in any way.

These Terms do not in any way exclude or limit the liability of any party for fraud, death or bodily harm caused by negligence, violation of laws, or any other activities that cannot be limited or excluded legally.

Subject to the foregoing, the aggregate liability of the Service, which may arise as a result of using the Site and/or the Platform by the Client or is connected with this, will in no circumstances exceed the total amount on the account of the Client that makes a claim minus the amount of commission, if it might be, or 100% of the amount of the transaction (s), which are the subject of a claim minus the amount of the commission.



The Service has the right at any time to unilaterally terminate the Platform as a whole or part of its functions without prior notice to Clients. Upon further use of the Platform, it is considered that the Client has accepted these changes. The client can make any financial claims within 10 calendar days from the date the changes in this agreement enter into force.

If the Client has a complaint or does not agree with these Terms, he can close his account at any time.

The Client also agrees that the Service may restrict the Client’s access to the Site, including deleting accounts, denying access to the Site and its contents, as well as ceasing any services. The Service has the right to take any technical and legal measures to prohibit the Client from using the Site if the Service has reason to believe that the Client creates situations of judicial responsibility or violates the intellectual property rights of third parties, the rights of other clients or the terms of this agreement.

The Service has the right to suspend or terminate the maintaining of the Client’s account for any reason, including but not limited to:

(1) an attempt to access the Site or the account of another member

(2) bypassing security software aimed at limiting the use or protecting any information on the Site

(3) using the Platform to carry out any unauthorized activity, including legalization of illegally obtained income, as well as financing of terrorism or other criminal activities

(4) violation of these Terms

(5) unforeseen difficulties in operating systems

(6) law enforcement or other governmental bodies requests

(7) high activity (more than 100 transactions) during the day, exerting influence on the market, in order to artificially pump the trading volumes

(8) public and private insults towards employees and/or the Exchange

(9) threats to support team

The Client agrees that the Service, as a private owner, has the exclusive right to suspend or replace the action of the Site or the Platform, as well as to stop providing services to the Client without providing specific information about the reason for it, and will not be liable to him or any third party for the termination of the account service or the inaccessibility of the Site

The Client understands and agrees that his accounts can be frozen until provides the documents confirming his identity to the Service, if the Service considers it necessary for the further maintenance of the Client’s account, as well as the execution of operations and/or work of the Platform.



In case of force majeure, in accordance with the current legislation, the fulfillment of any obligations to the injured party will be suspended until the circumstances are resolved.

In case if the relevant competent judicial authority considers any provision of the Terms and Conditions null and void, this provision will be enforced to the maximum extent possible, and all other provisions remain in full force.



In case of any questions related to these Terms and/or use of the Site and the Platform, the Client can contact the Service Support.